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Jessel Liao, Founder and President

Jessel Liao founded Quality System Control Corporation (QS Control) in 1976 after working in the aftermarket automotive industry and realizing that there are excellent opportunities to supply more than standardized products. Jessel positioned QS Control as an international supplier of antique car parts and automobile radiator components. He then expanded QS Control's value propositions to include custom component parts made with plastic and metal. He has gained much respect from his manufacturing colleagues with his years of experience in the automotive and component industry. In 1995, Jessel founded the F.C.G. Group in Taiwan, an organization that encourages Taiwanese manufacturers to cooperate, share, and learn from each other's experiences in automotive manufacturing.

Stephen Hsieh, General Manager, Asia

Stephen has been a part of QS Control since 1991 and handles manages Asia’s manufacturing operations in Taiwan and China. His strong leadership skills have been instrumental in the development of the company from a distribution office to a global supplier with five manufacturing locations. Stephen continues to lead QSC’s management team to push forth Six Sigma values and set continuous improvement benchmarks, while enforcing the importance of training to support ‘promoting from within’.

Tai Liao, Director, China Operations

Tai directs QS Control's business development strategies, leading teams in our China manufacturing facilities, primarily working from our Plastic Molding and Tooling Manufacturing Facility in Shanghai. He is responsible for developing our cooling components from parts to assemblies and ensuring that our quality systems in China are up-to-date and compliant to TS16949 standards. Tai also leads a team of quality and engineering staff to verify product and tooling development. His background in engineering and business development has contributed to developing strong customer relationships internationally.

Tom Liao, Production Manager

Tom is responsible for the production team at QS Control’s new Innotech center. He utilizes his experience as a customer service manager and couples this with his technical knowledge of our high-tech machinery to make improvements to our plastic and machining production lines. He is active in selecting our state-of-the-art equipment and knows what enhancements could be made to better the quality and efficiency of our customer’s products. His education background includes a B.B.A. in Business Management and M.I.S., and continues to attend courses at Aachen Technical School in Germany to improve process automation techniques.

Stephanie Sang, Manager, Sales & Business Development Manager

Stephanie joined QS Control in 2001 and continues to develop business relationships with clients in North America and Europe. Originally from Canada, her business savvy and knowledge of business practice differences between East and West enables additional support and understanding to her customer base. She leads two sales teams at QSC HQ and at QSC Taichung and strives to increase QS Control presence within the Automotive and Medical industries. Her responsibilities include marketing and customer relations to develop mutually beneficial partnerships. Stephanie holds a BBA in Marketing.

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