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QS Control - Value Proposition and Quality Certification

Contracting QS Control for your component needs will provide your organization with benefits including:


Reduced Costs

Deal with QS Control directly - You control your orders and will know the status of each delivery without incurring the costs or inconvenience of contracting middlemen.
Strict Quality Control - Our stringent inspection process based on QS9000 quality standards, which decreases the possibility of product irregularities or inconsistencies.
Improving Technology - QS Control strives to work with the most advanced production methods to provide you with the most cost effective parts.

Reduced Time per Delivery

Just in Time - We offer flexible production and delivery schedules to minimize your inventory storage costs and can generate your order as needed.
Reliable Delivery - QS Control works with reputable brokers to ensure that your deliveries move through government check points without difficulty.
We Work While You Sleep - The beauty of working with an overseas company is that we will waste no time on your requests. The time difference allows us to start on your projects even after your day ends.

Reduced Risk

Industry Expertise - You can rely on QS Control's professionalism in all business dealings; we have extensive experience and thorough knowledge of the industries in which we work.
Expansion in China - As relevant business opportunities present themselves, new QS Control capabilities and opportunities are explored to strengthen our market position.
International Organization - With offices in Taiwan, Mainland China, and the United States, your inquiries and immediate concerns will be responded to properly and efficiently.

Reduced Hassle

Multiple Competencies - QS Control is able to produce a variety of different components because of its diverse group of manufacturing processes. Centralize your purchasing needs and minimize the nuisance of dealing with multiple vendors.
Consignment Agreements - We offer these agreements for your convenience. Details can be obtained by QS Control Sales Representatives.
Free Quotations - Send us your designs or product specifications and receive a FREE quotation to compare with others.
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